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“I cant believe how much better I feel after such a short time! And I know I can come back if I need to.”
“All very positive. Thank you for your help.”
“It was a very calm and reassuring place to come. The therapist was very understanding and easy to talk to. EMDR was very useful.”
“After a very slippery slope with my mental health I’d begun to think I’d never get back on top. Even with a couple of sessions I feel more in control. I can’t thank you enough.”
“Excellent experience! Wish I had done it sooner.”
“The Rooms is a very comfortable and private place to have counselling.”
"When starting the sessions with my psychologist my life was what can only be described as a hellish experience, not only from not being able to leave the house and struggling to be alone, but also not being able to enjoy anything for fear of having panic attacks. After having had 10 sessions my life has dramatically changed with normality being restored. I have gained my freedom back in life along with the ability to go out and enjoy myself without the thoughts of anxiety crippling me before I even get to leaving the house. Not only have I seen a vast difference in myself, but others have commented saying 'Its nice to have the old you back.' The sessions have helped me manage my anxiety and cope with it day to day, something I had all but given up on (becoming a recluse in my own house). I cannot put into words how brilliant my psychologist has been, giving me a new lease of life and making me look forward to going out and doing things again. I would recommend anyone to see him and could not speak highly enough of him. He is quite frankly an amazing person. All I can say is thank you for giving me my life back, something I never thought would happen."
“I can’t believe it’s so efficient. I made my first appointment on my first phone call & saw my therapist within 2 days. Fabulous! When you are ready for therapy you simply don’t want to wait for it.”
“I have been very impressed. The treatment & advice I have received has helped me immensely. I am in a far better state than I was before I started therapy.”
“I would recommend The Rooms to everyone”
“I felt comfortable & supported by The Rooms from the first phone call till the end of my therapy.”
“My therapist is fantastic & has helped me with everything. She’s a true star!”
“It’s been excellent. The treatment I have received has helped me get back to work.”
“Thank you. I have been very impressed by the speed of it all since my original phone call.”
“My therapist was always friendly & courteous. He helped me by discussing things in a calm & methodical manner. I have received a professional service throughout. “
“It was exactly what I needed & was very helpful & beneficial.”
“My therapist is a skilled, kind and caring practitioner. She took me on when I had been told that I was too ill to be treated by Stockport Women’s centre. She identified the causes of my depression and enabled me to also recognise them and deal with them myself. I still can scarcely believe myself. Thanks to her I am well on the way to becoming the amazing creative person I was born to be. I am more grateful than I can say. I cannot recommend The Rooms highly enough.”
“I have had a very unique experience: very positive outcomes and the opportunity for follow-up appointments adds to the feeling of care.”
“Fantastic service!”
“My therapist was a wonderful help and I would highly recommend her to others.”
“Just want to say that my therapist is a truly wonderful professional who I felt comfortable with from the start to the end of my therapy.”
“My therapist was fantastic and has helped me to deal with recent bereavement issues.”
“Highly recommended.”
“My therapist was brilliant - caring and interested in me. I would recommend her to anyone needing this type of support.”
“My therapist really helped me and I thank her for all her time and effort. I have been very impressed by the level of care and support offered by the therapists – thank you.”
“After months of thinking about it, all I had to do was pick up the phone and it all happened from there. I am so much happier now and wish I had phoned earlier. I felt supported throughout the whole experience.”
“It feels very comforting to know that if I need help again, then they are here.”
“I had a very helpful experience with The Rooms and my therapist. I can’t believe the change in myself since coming! All the staff are very friendly and it’s a very tranquil environment.”
“Knowing that I have someone to turn to with whom I can feel completely comfortable is a huge reassurance, and your sessions have helped me to find out a lot about myself – which I couldn’t have done unless you had made me feel so trusting toward you.”
“The support given to me has been invaluable – enabled me to carry on through a very difficult time. I cannot rate it highly enough.”
“I was seen very quickly by the right therapists. Initially had home visits which was very much appreciated. Excellent standard of therapists. Extra support was available to me when my mum and sister died.”
“I can’t think of any way this service could be improved. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable, adaptable to my responses and needs.”
“I can’t praise my therapist highly enough. I was a different person when the sessions ended – though I don’t say I won’t be back.”
“The only problem I encountered was the waiting area which is too small, other than that everything was wonderful.”  - Our waiting area is small and we are aware that this is a problem. We stagger appointments so that not too many people are in it at one time.
“I really like the fact that I can see my therapist on a Sunday evening. It means it doesn’t interfere with my work or my social life.”
“I can’t believe the speed at which it all happened. I’d been putting off the first phone call for a few weeks. But once I’d made that call I was so relieved. The lady was so nice with me and she pointed me in the right direction. Then I was seen within 3 days, which was fantastic. I think if it had been longer I might have put it all off again. It’s helped so much.”
Fabulous service – much needed!
“A big thank you to my therapist. She helped me address my longstanding anxiety/depression and deal with my grief positively. I’m no longer terrified of the future.”
“A very friendly and comfortable experience. I found my therapist easy to engage with from the outset and he has helped me enormously. I now feel I have a plan for the future – thank you.”
“An excellent service received. Many thanks.”
“Without my therapist’s help I would not have made such a quick recovery and got back to work so quickly.”
“Thank you. I am very happy with the friendly and helpful service.”
“This has been a wonderful help and I would highly recommend The Rooms to others.”
“Fantastic service!”
“My therapist was kind and understanding and I actually enjoyed my sessions although I was dreading them before I went. She has helped me to get back on track.”
“My therapist was a fabulous therapist and was wonderful to work with. She understood my needs and helped me to address things swiftly.”
“I found Cognitive Analytical Therapy really really useful and it helped me understand things I haven’t understood before, even with all sorts of therapy.”
“My therapist was lovely to talk to and very knowledgeable. I feel much happier so have a lot to thank her for. She helped me when I was in need.”
“My therapist was very knowledgeable and supportive. It was great having appointments at weekends.”
“I will be recommending you to my friends when they get in a mess.”
“Having suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for years my therapist has changed my life for the better. I still find some situations daunting but with her help and advice I am able to cope so much better.”
“I found that talking to my therapist helped me a lot and put my problems into focus and perspective. I have learned some very useful techniques that should benefit me greatly going forward. I am very grateful to my therapist and The Rooms.”
“I have had previous counselling experiences but this was by far the best. I really felt I could open up completely and that my therapist got to the root cause of my problems. A massive ‘thank you’. I feel much more confident and in control of my life now.”
“I was very impressed by the whole service that was provided to me and I felt completely at ease with my therapist. I found her approach to be supportive and at no time was I reluctant to go to my appointments. I cannot praise her enough and she has made a significant contribution to feeling well again. An asset to your company!”
“I had a really positive experience with The Rooms and cannot thank them enough for their help and support over my sessions. I feel that this has made a really positive impact on my life and how I cope in situations. I would recommend both my therapist and The Rooms to others needing some help and support.”
“Everything was excellent at The Rooms. It was very professional, I had a very positive experience..”
“From my initial call everything was fabulous. The most appropriate therapist was found for me and an early appointment made. I could not fault my treatment and individualised session by session therapy. My therapist was totally professional in every way. She instils confidence in her methods by her explanations. A very talented, warm, understanding and exceptional lady in every way.”
“My therapist was extremely helpful, supportive and professional. She is a highly skilled professional and I would be happy to recommend The Rooms to anyone..”
“Excellent therapist, initial phone call dealt with very quickly and efficiently – made a huge difference as picking up the phone was the hardest thing to do..”
“Therapy has really exceeded my expectations. I was hesitant to go but it’s really changed my life and has been the best thing I’ve done.”
“Amazing. Life changing. Thank you. ”
“I want to thank you for all the support you have given me and how you have helped me to feel confident with myself. I know that it’s your job to help people however the help I have had from you has gone above and beyond.”
“I had a very positive and helpful experience with The Rooms and my therapist. I can’t believe the change in myself since coming. All staff are very friendly and it’s a tranquil environment.”
“Very good service provided. Always friendly and courteous. Helped me by discussing in a calm and methodical manner. Professional service throughout. Cannot think of any further ways to improve service.”
“I have found that therapy has helped me put me and my problems into focus and perspective. I have learned some very useful techniques that I am sure will benefit me greatly going forward. I am very grateful to my therapist and The Rooms.“