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Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT)

CAT is a psychotherapy that brings together understandings from Cognitive therapies (such as CBT) & Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy into an integrated & effective therapy. It works within a trusting explorative & collaborative relationship where the aim is to identify current difficulties & how they are affecting your life & wellbeing. For example, you might be aware of repeating a particular pattern in your current relationships or of struggling with unresolved issues in relationships from the past.

During therapy underlying causes of these difficulties will be explored in terms of your early life & relationships. The experiences that we have as young children shape the way we see ourselves & others & consequently how we relate. Sometimes (in early years) we learn to survive intense & unmanageable feelings by responding in particular ways. Understanding how we have developed these strategies & how in adult life they may be unnecessary, unhelpful or simply hold us back, enables us to discover new choices, strategies & 'exits' from these patterns which improves our relationships & quality of life.

The most important professional body for CAT therapists is ACAT (Association of Cognitive Analytical Therapists) www.acat.me.uk